Quality Policy and Certificates

     Our primary goal as Betesan Engineering is to earn the confidence of our customers by providing innovative, high quality products and systems, and good service support on Marine and Industrial Energy Market.
     In line with this understanding, we ensure our employees to reach high standards of production and service quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety.
     In all our activities, we are committed to develop a safe, healthy and environment friendly working culture; fulfilling human health, operational safety, environmental protection, and other legal requirements.

Within these objectives;

- To ensure occupational health and safety in all our business activities, to prevent harm to the environment and to take necessary precautions to prevent occupational accidents,
      - To increase cooperation with authorized local and international organizations in health, operational safety, environment topics. In accordance with the commitments given in this context, to develop solutions for hazard identification, risk assessment, determination of countermeasures,
      - To organize continuous training and briefing activities for the health, operational safety, environment for our personnel,
      - Providing the necessary safety and medical equipment, ensuring these can be easily accessed and used safely,
      - To reduce waste in all our offices and work areas, to increase the recycling rate, and reducing the use of natural resources,
      - To use energy efficiently and increasing the share of energy supply from renewable energy sources,
      - To fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers on time, to establish continuity and reliability, to give priority to customer complaints,
      - To be transparent to our customers,
      - To follow developments on technology, to make design and development studies in our products and processes,
      - To encourage success and growth by developing our service standards in accordance with modern technology and methods,
Betesan Engineering undertakes to fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 standards, and to continuously develop company standards together with all its employees.