Electrical Contracting Services

         Our electrical contracting group provides services for the applications of electrical installation and outfitting works in the domestic / foreign shipbuilding endustry since 1992.

  Our Services include below items for Ship/Yacht Projects;

     Management of Electrical Outfitting Works and providing coordination between site-project

     Electrical Cable Tray and assembly of Electrical Equipment

     Cable pulling of High and low voltage system and fixing   

     Cable Terminatation

     Quality Control audit

     Testing and delivery of system


           Our Electrical Contracting Group has successfully completed site management and applications of over 400 ship / yacht project’s electrical installations and equipment works with its expert staff of Engineering, Technician and over 25 years of experince and has also delivered to the related class organizations.


             Our group which serves under the supervision and controlling of the domestic / foreign class society closely follows and applies the developing technologies and changing rules with the highest quality standarts.